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Although Don Lemon’s conservative past has gotten him in the hot seat with many fans, the CNN news anchor drew praise this weekend when he commented on Donald Trump’s negative remarks about ESPN host Jemele Hill and claimed that Trump needs to apologize to Barack Obama if Hill has to apologize to Trump.

As previously reported, Hill was in hot water with Trump and his supporters after she called Trump “a white supremacist who has largely surrounded himself w/ other white supremacists” in a few tweets about Trump’s political success due to America’s White supremacist culture.

Since her tweets hit the web, the Trump and the White House suggested that Hill needs to apologize and that she should be fired from “SportsCenter.”

Well, Hill seems to have no plans on apologizing and fellow media star Lemon was recently asked about the controversy surrounding Trump and Hill and he explained that it’s hypocritical to Trump to want an apology from Hill when Trump has yet to apologize for his hypercritical comments about Obama when he was in office.

“Well, put it this way. I think when the president worked for NBC (on the) ‘The Apprentice’ and he said that Barack Obama was not born here and he called Barack Obama racist, if he apologizes for that then maybe ESPN should apologize,” Lemon said.

Considering how unapologetic and comfortable Trump has been in his support of White supremacy, it’s doubtful that he could even fathom the idea that he was offensive in his critiques of Obama. An apology from Trump won’t be forthcoming.

What are your thoughts, though? Should Hill and Trump apologize? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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  • Carmen LaShea

    The truth is out about Trump, he is a white supremacist. He was raised as one. Trump’s parents were members of the KKK.

    • D bran

      What foolish nonsense.

      • Carmen LaShea

        Nonsense my ass. It’s true, Trump’s were members of the KKK.

        • D bran

          Show us your proof! Like I said, foolish nonsense.

          • Carmen LaShea

            Proof provided plus an extra goodie.

          • D bran

            Just as I thought, you provided absolutely nothing. Lying comes so easy for liberals. Pathetic!

          • Carmen LaShea

            Hey don’t get an attitude with me. Its not my fault that Trump is a white supremacist. Trump is a heartless and a Godless man. Don’t take it out on me. Reality check, everyone does not like or support Trump. I emailed you a picture of Trump with his parents wearing KKK apparels and that he called Republicans dumb. That because you’re a Trump Supporter doesn’t make you any better than God.

          • D bran

            Godless? You better look in a mirror.

          • Carmen LaShea

            For God is Love. Don’t be upset with me. I didn’t do anything to you. Sure I posted something about Trump that you don’t like but that’s your problem, not mine. You got issues, so stop making an ass of yourself and having your temper tantrum on this blog about something you no have control over.

  • Tim Berland

    There’s a long list of apologies due from Trump: McCain, Kisr Kahn, Ted Cruz’ father, AG Sessions, Hillary, the Mexican people, Muslims, Comey, etc.

    • D bran

      Read article below
      Obama can apologies to the world for

      Home > Originals > Obama’s Legacy: 40 Examples of Lies, Scandal and Blood
      Obama’s Legacy: 40 Examples of Lies, Scandal and Blood

  • Toad in the hole

    Trump still has the whole world to apologise to.

  • britishrosee

    NO body gonna appologize to trump for nothing , if its true he is insighting all this racial tension , funny white supremist were just killing black men when obama got in office now their killing everybody, and fighting over a statue of a racist robert e lee, who lead a war that killed americans citizens , forget about north and south , we all were americans in a war that was unjust , unmoral , and a fire burn of history , we want to forget , trump parents are never mentioned i wonder why? did he hate them? oviously they left him and his sister no money . he gave him a loan for a small amount is all i ever heard maybe thats why he so bitter and angry .. that needs to be discussed even his sister was not in the inaguration ceremony ummm?

  • ugottabekiddnme

    Did she say something wrong? Certainly not from where America sits

  • D bran

    Obama should apologize to the world!!!! Poor Don Lemon, always searching to bring up his ratings.