Leading man Laz Alonso to host acting auditions at RIDE Conference in Atlanta

Leading man Laz Alonso to host acting auditions at RIDE Conference in Atlanta

The Rolling out Innovation Digital and Entertainment (RIDE) Conference will take place in Atlanta on Friday-Saturday, September 22-23 and will showcase a phenomenal display of insight and expertise from powerhouses, CEO’s, entertainment moguls, best-selling authors, industry experts and more. Acting veteran Laz Alonso will be one of the dynamos at the conference and he’s bringing 20+ years of experience with him. He’ll be conducting a live actor’s workshop and audition on Saturday 9/23 for rolling out’s new TV channel.

Alonso, the leading man in “Jumping the Broom” and more recently in the movie DETROIT where he portrayed politician John Conyers, will deliver insights into Hollywood and discuss what it takes to be an actor given his experience in the industry. He will teach acting skills, technique and form alongside a phenomenal Hollywood acting coach. Together they will educate attendees on the required skillsets needed to make it in this business. They will also engage in constructive feedback reviews to aspiring artists on their journey of becoming mainstream artists.

RIDE is also the kick off for the launching of rolling out’s new broadcast channel and app in February that will allow for a “star farm” to be created in Atlanta. RIDE is the right kind of platform that will allow the exchange of skill sets and thought sets to continue annually.

Live auditions will be available for all actors, so come out and take a RIDE with rolling out at their inaugural conference. Register today via RIDE.rollingout.com

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