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Erica’s Table of 20 expands to LA; honors Itika Oldwine and Janelle Carothers

Erica Dias’ “Table of 20” 25th Edition in Los Angeles (Photo courtesy: B Firm PR)


On Saturday, Sept. 23, 2017, Erica Dias, publicist and owner of The B Firm PR, hosted the 25th installment of Erica’s Table of 20 series in Los Angeles.

Dias honored two “amazing” women. Itika Oldwine once worked on the “Oprah” show and now plans stellar events for the Grammys, ESPYs, MTV Movie and Music Awards, BET and more. She owns a floral company, Oldvine Florals, located in the heart of L.A. Celebrity costume designer Janelle Carothers, has worked on hit shows including BET’s “The Game” and John Singleton’s “Rebel.”

Guests at 25th Erica’s Table of 20 included Gloria Williams (aka @FootNanny), who’s most recognized for being Oprah’s personal pedicurist; creative consultant Brian Gimble and Lauren Carothers, creative director for Refinery29.

Guests engaged in a purposeful conversations and shared stories of their journeys.

Dias has welcomed over 500+ women and men to her intimate luncheon. She says, “It gets better each and every month.”

She invites you to stay tuned to IG: @TableOf20 or @EricaDias1010 and via

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