Dej Loaf’s official DJ, WsKharri, went from Chrysler line to the main stage

Photo Credit: Twitter @wsKHARRI

WsKharri is having the time of his life. The producer-DJ from Detroit has elevated his position to become Dej Loaf’s tour DJ after producing for her, along with a stellar list of other artists (Lil Durk, Jacquees, Earlly Mac). His story is a true example of hard work, talent, and divine order.

How did being a producer for 10 years prepare you and your skillset as a DJ?
I would say knowing several types of music prepared me the most. Being the type of producer I am, I listen to all types of music. Knowing a variety of songs is important, along with the beats and tempo of those same songs.

When and where did you meet Dej Loaf, because I know she’s always showed you love over social media even before “Try Me” was released.
I met Dej on the underground music scene in Detroit. We were always cool and made music with the same people, so it was just natural.

What was that conversation like about you becoming her official DJ? 
It was simple. She hit me one day like, “Hey don’t you DJ right? I’m asking for a friend.” I said, “Who’s the friend?” She goes, “Me!” Long story short, the next month, I was rocking a show in Kansas City with her.

You said on Twitter that you went from building Ram 1500s to now DJing on the biggest stages. Was this a testament to your patience, workethic, or both?
Both. The patience came from me just staying down until my number was called. I trusted the process. But, while I was waiting for my turn, I always kept busy musically. I stayed working on records and working on my skills as a DJ.

What are three things that you’ve learned on your journey as a DJ at this point?
Know your audience. Everybody doesn’t want to hear that ratchet s —! However, “Bodak Yellow” goes crazy anywhere. [Laughs] You must be an all-around DJ, blending, scratching and emceeing. Being able to control a crowd is key, as well. Finally, know the language of the audio world. It’ll help you help the sound guy make you sound better when you know exactly what you need.

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