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David Banner spotted at chef Mali’s Toyota Green Initiative dinner

Mali Hunter – Chief Operating Officer/Partner of Tree Sound – Photo by Jonell Whitt for Steed Media

There have been plenty of chef Mali Hunter-hosted dinner parties at the world-renowned Tree Sound Studios over the past years; but if you missed your invite for the Toyota Green Initiative dinner, you truly missed the dinner that topped all the rest.

The first surprise of the evening was surrounded by bright lights: A brand-new, white, shiny 2018 Toyota Camry. But there something different? Was this a hybrid? Yes, it was. A car that’s good for the environment, now that’s eco-friendly. The next surprise was in the dining room where rolling out ran into rapper, network producer and actor David Banner. He said he was recording in one of the studio rooms and the aroma led him straight into the dining room of Studio B. Banner had no idea a dinner was taking place. He was surprised and impressed!

A plethora of tantalizing aromas wafted throughout Studio B where the magic happened as servers brought out dish after dish of organic dishes prepared from love.

Chef Mali Hunter truly outdid herself this time and we all know this is definitely not her first rodeo in the kitchen. As the Chief Operating Officer/partner  of Tree Sound, this Chicago Grammy nominee decided the theme for the evening would be “Green” Eats & Dope Beats — a Toyota Green Initiative Dinner. You may recognize Mali as the favored chef on “Atlanta & Company’s” morning television show on channel 11 because she’s regularly featured on the segment with Christine Pullara.

Chef Mali’s entrees included: baked lemon pepper tilapia; a slow-cooked sustainably sourced lamb with tomatoes, okra and potatoes; and a vegan-veggie stuffed zucchini roasted with vegan cheese. The sides: baked macaroni and cheese, and quinoa with seasonal roasted vegetables. Desserts: Southern-style peach cobbler and fresh in season sorbet with seasonal berries. Beverages: Wine, Prosecco, fresh squeezed strawberry lemonade.

The typical dinner is usually to promote an artist’s new music project but Hunter chose something dear to her heart: the partnership she has formed with Toyota and her love for their Green Initiative campaign.

The 2018 Toyota Camry Hybrid is definitely something to post on your vision board for the new year.

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