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Airbnb treehouse on subscribers’ wish list is in Atlanta

Photo courtesy of Airbnb

Believe it or not, Airbnb’s most desired treehouse is located in Atlanta.

It’s no secret that the online home rental site is boasts trendy and unique properties, including a number of treehouses.

But when it comes to the their current, most wish-listed destinations, tree-bound takes the cake. Or, as Airbnb put it in 2015, “A penchant for fantasy is evident when examining the most Wish Listed properties by type. The adventure of an outdoor treehouse is by far the most popular type of property on Wish Lists.”

At the top of that list is a treehouse in Atlanta, WSB-TV Atlanta reports. Tucked away in the suburb of Buckhead stands three connected treehouse rooms going for about $375 a night, with a two-night minimum.

Equipped with a living room, bedroom and deck connected by rope bridges, the property also features a main house with a bathroom, of course. Amenities include free parking on premises, wireless internet, essentials, an iron, shampoo, and a hair dryer. In other words, you’re not paying for all the bells and whistles; it’s totally an experience.

According to the site, the listing is so popular that it is booked through the beginning of November. In fact, it’s earliest availability is Nov. 5. Unfortunately, for families (and pet lovers) considering a stay, kids are not allowed. “While we love both, children under 16 and pets are not allowed to stay at the treehouses or be present during events,” owners Katie and Peter write in the ad.

Meanwhile, other desired treehouse locations are in Italy (this one has a pool) and in Bali. Georgia is home to The Blue Ridge Treehouse, as well, which is located at Bear Claw Vineyards, Inc. in Blue Ridge and was built in conjunction with a TV show.

Are you feeling the idea of crashing in a treehouse? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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  1. britishrose on October 19, 2017 at 9:02 am

    rediculous and why? i rather be in a warm luxury hotel with a view of mount everest or the pacific