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Atlanta artists create eye-catching custom Hendrick’s Gin artwork

Local Atlanta artists Bwrightous, Paper Frank, Markeidric and Lavan Wright created customized Hendrick’s Gin artwork at “Cultivate the Unusual” with Hendrick’s Gin at Terminus 330.

This kickoff event featured refreshing Hendrick’s Gin cocktails. It’s the first of a series of themed events, unique experiences throughout the Atlanta community.

This event brought the brand’s “Cultivate the Unusual” philosophy to life. Hendrick’s Gin is a creative brand in its own right that has reimagined the premium gin category with its oddly infused rose and cucumber liquid. This collaboration with the vibrant and artistic community will be realized as a series of themed events, content creation, locally commissioned art pieces, and unique tasting experiences that will showcase, celebrate, and amplify the unique and energetic voices of Atlanta’s creative thinkers and artistic pioneers.

GRAMMY award winning writer and DJ, KP the Great kicked off on October 25, 2017 and gathered with creators, makers, community leaders, and innovative thinkers to cultivate the unusual with Atlanta’s tastemakers and free-thinkers, who have paved a path for future generations.

With a rich history of producing dynamic creatives, musicians and artists generation after generation, Atlanta is a city that has a thirst for the unusual. In addition to cultivating a dynamic new roster of valuable talent, Atlanta is also a breeding-ground for the next-best-things in contemporary pop culture, driven by the southern city’s influential and curious millennials. And similarly, unlike any other spirits brand in the United States, Hendrick’s Gin is shaped by the global community of peculiar creatives – this parallel makes Atlanta the prime location for a meeting of the unusualists’ minds.