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Miguel Pilgram won the lottery and is now using his winnings to rebuild the Black community. Pilgram won $52 million after buying a lottery ticket at a gas station in 2010, according to  SunSentinal.

Pilgram, who was raised in Memphis, moved to South Florida to work on a cruise line. After winning the lottery, Pilgram decided to invest into the Sistrunk community in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Sistrunk Boulevard was named after Florida’s first Black doctor, James Sistrunk. Dr. Sistrunk helped to establish Broward County’s first Black hospital in 1938.  Sistrunk Boulevard was once a thriving Black community in South Florida. It was home to top Black-owned businesses and frequent location where civil rights leaders would meet in the 1960s.

However, after desegregation, Sistrunk Boulevard became a place known for blight and violence. In 2013, several White residents in nearby Flagler Village challenged a request by the city council to extend Sistrunk Boulevard. The White residents believed that the Sistrunk name would have a negative affect on their home value. But Pilgram believes that Sistrunk Boulevard came return to prominence with a little help.

Pilgram and his real estate company is planning to build several businesses in the community. Those businesses include a New York Subs and Wings restaurant, a Memphis Blues club, a retail complex, a bank, a Jamba Juice, and a performing arts center with instructors in dance, arts, and music.

Pilgram’s plan is to bring more jobs to the community while also providing a place for kids to learn and be creative. With the revitalization efforts, Sistrunk Boulevard can be a thriving community again.

A.R. Shaw

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  1. Marcus Anduknowdis Lucas

    That’s how you do it right there. Great job indeed. We must invest in our black communities and drive out hate and violence for one another with love and prosperity. It’s the only way.

  2. nosey rosy

    thats what high dollar celebrities like puff daddy and beyonce need to be doing , instead of lavishing in their wealth traveling buying all thems big ole houses they cant live in all of them … even ..
    they do charity but they aint building no communities in these cities … every city need a boys and girls club, and one black bank , where blacks can get the loans to beat out these chinese ,ownering all these black hair stores , and laundry matts, , and chinese has bough up all the star bucks , even in the black areas ,so in order for blacks to excell and build and run whites out them areas that they know they can take over by just being white , , i have seen average under income whites getting in them 100,000 dollar to 200,000 dollar homes . and then they cant pay the morgage . .yet they dont want blacks next dooer they rather , a nasty indian cooking that horrible smelling food, and nasty house a maid dont want to clean its so nasty .. . whites just got an issue with black americans it seems . and they will band to gether in a minute to run , a black business out ofthe area , ,, black clubs and bars have to be voted on .. so you aint gonna get that but .. black own stores is needed inorder to build a healthy black communnity ..

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