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Chrisette Michele gets torched for making ‘Black Lives Matter’ song

Photo Credit: Instagram – @chrisettemichele

Based upon the angry reactions from Black Twitter, R&B songstress Chrisette Michele, 34, is trying way too hard — and operating too soon — to get back in the good graces of Black America after she decided to perform at Donald Trump’s inauguration.

It’s understandable. She has been vilified and then exiled to the Isle of the Rejected where the other occupants are Stacey Dash and Omarosa Manigault. I’d want off that deserted island, as well. But was singing a song called “Black Lives Matter” the best strategy to try to get welcomed back home so soon after that debacle in Washington?

Black America feels as if Chrisette turned her back on Black America for a quick check, so they are obviously not trying to hear a “Black Lives Matter” song from her right now. Yes, Black Twitter can be merciless, even ruthless, especially when its feelings are hurt (or they’re deeply offended) as it obviously was the case when they believed Chrisette wasted her gorgeous voice for a leader who cares nothing about her or the demographic she is identified with.

As a matter of fact, based upon the sample of responses below, Ms. Michele should have been singing something similar to “Black Lives Matter” instead of going anywhere near the White House. Doing such a song today is just a little too late for their taste. And they let Chrisette know in the most unflattering terms below:


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