Artists with hidden identities like NO1-NOAH take the industry by storm

NO1-NOAH as he performs in his music video. Photo courtesy of TME Management.

It seems as though artists hiding their identity has grown in popularity. Similar to the sultry vocalist H.E.R., a new talent has emerged with a similar mysterious quality that has his fans hooked. NO1-NOAH has not shown his face in any of his content or visuals, yet his fans can’t stop engaging with his music. “I think it gives my fans a chance to really love the music before anything else, and that’s what it’s all about,” said NO1-NOAH.

What sets this entertainer apart is that he does more than just sing and rap, he is also a songwriter and producer. NO1-NOAH enjoys helping others articulate their own emotions by creating music that people can feel. “It’s about how people engage with what I create,” said NO1-NOAH. The 21-year-old managed to accomplish a feat that most people –– young and old –– run from every day: disrobing his rawest feelings for the world to view. Ironically, this courageously cathartic process is how the young talent finally found himself. The further he dug within, the more he unearthed his superstar.

As a shy preteen, NO1-NOAH used a love for freestyling as a passive aggressive creative release. He dropped out of high school and with the support of his best friend, who purchased the young artist’s initial recording equipment, NO1-NOAH spent every day searching for rhythms that spoke to him. The result of his focus on creating music was an auto-tune infused first Soundcloud release, 2014’s The Mood, and its year-later successor Real Deep mixtape.

Immediately after the second project dropped, NO1-NOAH’s best friend introduced him to a talented acquaintance Dorante, who would eventually become the producer, and music director on the young talent’s music. Together the two created NO1-NOAH’s most recent and finest body of work, Feeling In Color, a 9-track collage that manages to paint and explain the varied emotions and frustrations of young love. Each song has an emotion and each emotion has its own hue.

What sets NO1-NOAH apart from other artists is his variety of perspective. Not only is he brave enough to expose his vulnerability from the windows of a hip-hop house still governed by hyper masculinity, he addresses heartbreak with forgiveness and accountability as both the broken and the breaker. Having joined other clairvoyant scribes like Pharell, Adele, and John Legend on the esteemed roster of Columbia Records in June of 2017, NO1-NOAH is now ready to re-release Feeling In Color on all major platforms and help the world get further in tune with itself one track, and one color at a time.

Take a listen to his latest release, “Stuck On Stupid,” below.

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