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‘Married to Medicine’: 3 best moments from episode 4

The Conversation Gets Interesting as the “Married To Medicine” Crew Arrive in New Orleans, (Photo Credit: BravoTV)

This season the ladies strengthen their sisterhood bond and lean on each other more than ever in their time of need. Dr. Jackie still finds a way to cope after filing for divorce from Curtis, Dr. Simone and Cecil face their demons together, and Toya, Quad and the rest of the bunch adapt to various changes and painful struggles in their own marriages. Check out highlights from episode four below.

Toya and Dr. Eugene Ball on a budget
Happy wife, happy life? Basically, Dr. Eugene Harris has to work overtime and even overnight lately to pay down his and Toya’s astronomical tax debt. This means less time for Toya’s needs and more time for Dr. Eugene to have fun in the bedroom solo without her? Absolutely not. The good news is the Harrises feel there is still time to turn their troubles in paradise to pleasure — Toya and Dr. Eugene decide to spruce up their relationship and be more romantic with more date nights, on a budget, of course.

Toya and Dr. Eugene toast to “Married To Medicine” (Photo credit: Instagram – @toyabushharris)

A heated husband vs. wife debate turns hostile
Romance goes out the window when Quad and Dr. Gregory place it all on the dinner table. Dr. G tries to justify that although Dr. Jackie’s husband, Curtis was wrong, he totally understands how a man who does not get the love and affection that he needs at home will go elsewhere. Of course, this makes Quad livid. She can’t believe these words are coming from her own husband and she insists that no matter what, no man in a marriage should cheat. Quad feels Dr. G is disconnected from her marriage, she feels he does not appreciate all that she does and she believes he plays the money card only to put her in her place. Harsh words cause this heated discussion to elevate to a full-blown yelling match. Dr. G then flees from the scene, slams the door and speeds off down the street. Dramatic, much?

Quad and Dr. G Hit a Breaking Point in their Marriage, (Photo Credit: BravoTV)

The ladies head to New Orleans for a quick getaway
After all the ladies have been through lately in their marriages, it’s time to stop the pity parties and have fun. So, in true Southern belle fashion, Dr. Simone plans an inclusive girl’s only getaway to New Orleans. The ladies arrive at the Saint Hotel where they check in to the most coveted rooms — the lavish Michael arch angel suite and the devilish, yet stylish Lucifer suite where the girls pull straws to see who gets to be in which room. Meanwhile, Toya and Dr. Heavenly mend their friendship and prepare to take Bourbon Street head-on with the rest of the ladies. It’s time to party —turn up!

Dr. Simone, Dr. Jackie and Quad are taken back as Toya gives the stripper pole a try in the Lucifer Suite (Photo credit: BravoTV)