Indian-American singer Vijeta prepares to release debut EP

Vijeta - Photo Credit Mcarson Photography
Vijeta – Photo Credit Mcarson Photography

Vijeta is an Indian-American singer from Chicago. Her international sound is alluring and empowering while her music is upbeat and emotional. She definitely has a lot of soul. As a singer, Vijeta exclaimed, “I want to be to my Indian people what Selena was to her fans.” There’s definitely nothing wrong with that type of goal. Rolling out had a chance to sit down with Vijeta and find out why she chose a singing career and how an encounter with Debbie Allen inspired her.

How did you fall in love with music?
I fell in love with music though dance. As a child, I think I was always trying to find the balance between my Indian culture and my American roots. Then finally I found my balance through music.

When did you realize that you wanted to sing professionally?
I believe it happened when I was in college attending NIU. I met the legendary Debbie Allen. I started off as a dancer. Debbie Allen said she loved my spirit when I danced. She offered me a full scholarship to train at her prestigious dance academy and the opportunity to move to Los Angeles. I soon found myself a part of an L.A. based girl group and that experience inspired me to transition from dance to singer/performer. Soon after that experience I knew I wanted to be a solo artist and decided to launch my solo career.

I noticed you are very true to your Indian roots. Do you plan on incorporating any of that in your music?
Well, I definitely am inspired by my Indian roots and my American pop culture, even though I can invoke a soulful sound, as well. I want to represent a boundless number of ambitious women across multiple cultures. Part of me is very philanthropic. I ultimately want to be able to use my story and growing platform to inspire young girls, and at the same time break stereotypes that women all over the world face.

How would you label or title your music?
I feel I deliver a very rhythmic, melodic and powerful experience when people watch me perform. I pride myself on my music being fun, colorful and emotional.

Vijeta is now living in Atlanta, where she is working towards the release of her untitled debut EP. She’s currently performing her single “Wait for the Night” at multiple venues preparing for her promotional tour. Vijeta has taken the independent approach to creating and releasing her music. She and her management feel that In today’s music industry, owning your music is top priority.

Check out some hot photos of Vijeta, after the break.

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