Here’s how model Jourdan Dunn is spending Christmas

Riley needs some extra lessons 😩😂🤣🤦🏽‍♀️

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Jourdan Dunn is hosting Christmas this year.

The 27-year-old model – who has a seven-year-old son, Riley, with a former partner – paid for all her loved ones to spend the festive season in Barbados last year, but after buying a new house, she can’twait to invite her family and friends over for the big day.

She said, “Last year I took my family to Barbados for Christmas but I recently bought my first house, so I’ll be hosting in west London this year.”

And it seems Jourdan likes to buy her loved ones similar gifts.

She said, “My signature gift is Jo Malone’s Velvet Rose and Oud Candle.” While her job takes her round the world, Jourdan loves being at home as much as possible.

She told Vogue magazine, “Home is New York and London but I’ll always be an Ealing girl.

“If I’m not working, I’ll be back for Sunday lunch with my brother Antoine and my son, Riley.

“Nothing beats my mom’s roast chicken, rice and peas and cauliflower cheese.”

Meanwhile, Jordan recently admitted she used to think she was a witch.

She said, “I used to think I was a witch when I was younger. I used to be behind the curtain and just be doing spells.”

But the catwalk star’s actions baffled her friends who would quiz her
on her unusual behavior.

She explained, “And everyone would be like, ‘What is Jourdan doing?

Who is Jourdan talking to? Oh, she’s in her witch phase.'”

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