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Terry Crews says #TimesUp movement hasn’t gotten justice for all yet

Terry Crews says #TimesUp movement hasn't gotten justice for all yet
Photo Credit: Instagram – @terrycrews

Terry Crews shocked many fans and activists last year when he filed charges against Hollywood executive Adam Venit, accusing the man of inappropriately touching his crotch at an industry party. Since then, other victims across Hollywood, mainly women, have banded together with feminists across the nation to form the #TimesUp movement to bring sweeping changes throughout the industry when it comes to women’s rights and holding rapists, molesters, and sexists accountable for their actions. However, Crews recently spoke out about the movement and said time’s not up yet for all of the Hollywood abusers who are still thriving in the industry.

In a new interview with Variety, Crews explains that he doesn’t feel like he’s gotten justice for what happened to him and he feels that other victims in Hollywood haven’t gotten justice yet despite the swell of voices calling out issues in Hollywood.

“For everyone saying time is up, is it really up?” Crews asked. “[Adam Venit’s] working. There’s no repercussions.”

When asked if he feels Venit, who is the head of the Motion Picture Department at WME, got a free pass after having a police report and lawsuit filed against him, Crews says that the proof is in Venit’s continued employment.

“You can see it right in front of your eyes,” Crews said. “I don’t even have to say anything. Can you get away with doing something like that to another human being? And the answer is yes, cause he’s working. What else can I say?”

Crews then spoke about difficulties most actors feel working in an industry that obviously needs reform but is so deeply tied to its old ways that actors feel conflicted about whether to “play the game” or risk their careers to speak out.

“A lot of times, Hollywood can be like a religious service,” Crews said. “You’re doing so many things that you don’t even know why you’re doing them anymore. It’s like, this is how it’s done — and this is one thing we address even in this movie. Do you buy in? Do you sell out? What are you into? There’s this cognitive dissonance that you deal with, like two opposing beliefs in your brain at the same time. Which one do you believe?”

“I have to say I was victimized but I’ve made the choice to not become a victim,” Crews continued. “And that’s the thing: I did everything I’m supposed to do, with the police, the law enforcement. I’m doing everything I’m supposed to do in regards to lawsuits, and I plan on going all the way because until you hold everyone accountable every time, nothing will change.”

What do you think of Crews’ comments on the #TimesUp movement and the lack of justice in these Hollywood sexual misconduct scandals? Let us know in the comments.

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