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‘Delivert’: Andrew Caldwell has kissed his first girl (video)

Andrew Caldwell (Image Source: Facebook/Andrew Caldwell and YouTube Screen Shot)

All we can say here at rolling out is wow. Andrew Caldwell gained fame back in 2016 after his viral testimony that he was “delivert” (Phonetic spelling). He promised that he would no longer wear “woman’s clothing or carry a woman’s purse.”

Now Caldwell, who has stated he is no longer gay, has kissed a woman for the first time. Further making the kiss more exceptional was that he, as a formerly gay Black man, tasted what has been called “Black man’s kryptonite” by many Black comedians: Caldwell got to kiss a White woman. Apparently, kissing this White woman with soft lips was like eating a marshmallow, especially because of her lip gloss. If we are to believe Caldwell in his social media post about the experience, this apparently was something that “no man can dream of.”

Many are so happy for Caldwell and would like to see a picture of this White woman, and have expressed as much on social media.

See the video below:

Okay strong man😳

Posted by Andrew Chad Caldwell on Sunday, January 21, 2018