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Miley Cyrus thrashed by Twitter mob for wanting to party with Cardi B

After singer Miley Cyrus reached adulthood, she traded in her bubblegum pop for risque rap. Then last year, the former Nickelodeon star flung aside rap music like it was an old coat — and then spat on it by telling Rolling Stone she detested the misogyny, violence and debauchery associated with hip-hop — and returned to her socially-digestible country music roots.

Now all of a sudden, Cyrus wants to go back and play in rap again, and folks on both sides are tired of her vacillating back and forth and her convenient cultural appropriation for self-aggrandizement. She already released a cringe-worthy “Bodak Yellow” cover. But then Cyrus commented on a recent video that Cardi B posted on Instagram telling her that they need to meet up at the Grammys this weekend.

Cyrus is now just an annoyance. She is poking her head back into the very culture she threw out the window like fast food wrappers. Culture observers are still seething about how she cloaked herself in the wholesome White girl persona after receiving vast benefits from hip-hop for so long. And they are letting her know that she is no longer wanted via social media: