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Omarosa cries on TV: America ‘is so bad’ under Donald Trump

Omarosa cries on TV: America 'is so bad' under Donald Trump

Many Americans have learned to be skeptical of things that come out Omarosa’s mouth — like, pretty much every time she exhales. The professional self-promoter and egomaniac has a history of twisting the facts to suit her agenda. Fans of “Celebrity Apprentice” recall her exploiting the death of her boyfriend Michael Clarke Duncan (of The Green Mile fame) to gain sympathy points from Donald Trump and get LaToya Jackson kicked off the show.

She has earned her current plight where everyone looks askance at her every motive. Now that she has figuratively picked herself up and dusted herself off after being escorted out of the White House by the Secret Service, Omarosa Manigault-Newman is throwing stones at the very employer who paid her a handsome salary to, according to West Wing insiders and the Chicago Tribune, do next to nothing.

Omarosa had a lot to say about her former job at the White House under Donald Trump’s administration. The woman who’s been fired four times by The Donald got on “Celebrity Big Brother” and even started tearing up about how bad it is. (Keep in mind that Omarosa bragged to Michael Strahan on “Good Morning America” of her 14-year relationship with Trump before she voluntarily “resigned.”)

Speaking to “Celebrity Big Brother” cast member Ross Mathews, she said she tried to be — get this — the voice of reason in the entire Trump administration.

“I tried to be that sort of person, and then all the people around him attacked me … like, ‘Keep her away. Do not give her access. Do not let her talk to him.’ And it’s like Ivanka is there, Jared is there.”

Mathews asked her if Americans are going to be OK under Trump.

“No, it isn’t going to be OK. It is not. It is so bad,” she replied.

As for her joining “Celebrity Big Brother,” she said her dealings with the Trump White House gave her the thick skin she needed to enter reality competition again.

“Here in the Big Brother house, there are individuals who want to stab you in the back. Sort of similar to the White House, so it’s game on. At the White House, you have to know how to always watch your own back. And in some cases, you have to watch your front as well.”

Omarosa also compared her loyalty to Trump as being about the same as Keshia Knight Pulliam standing by disgraced comedic legend Bill Cosby. This is far from an endorsement of any kind.

Of course, on the first episode of “Celebrity Big Brother,” Omarosa quickly established her role as the villain by boisterously outmaneuvering her competition to be the first to get a bed. She also won the first award of the season which made her immune from eviction.

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