Luvvie bans R. Kelly from entering the ‘Black Panther’ world of Wakanda

Luvvie bans R. Kelly from entering the 'Black Panther' world of Wakanda
Luvvie Ajayi – Photo by Eddy “Precise” Lamarre

R. Kelly apparently won’t be accepted in the world of Wakanda. The Twitter account for the Atlanta Airport tweeted an image of the flight with the hashtag #WakandaForever. Following the post, thousands retweeted the image and it was liked by over 30k people.

One of those people who liked the post was R. Kelly. The Chicago-based crooner responded to the tweet by posting, “Hell, I’m on my way! Amazing film.”

Following his tweet, R. Kelly faced backlash on social media. Blogger Luvvie responded to R. Kelly by posting, “No thank you! We just closed the borders. Wakanda immigration.”

She also issued a psuedo prayer with the hopes of preventing R. Kelly’s entrance into the fictional land of  Wakanda.

“Fatha Gawd, we come before you today to block the entry of enemies of progress and pedophiles into the sacred land of Wakanda! You said weapons would form but let them not prosper in this land. May fools like this stay trapped in the closet to nowhere when we #BLAXIT. We rebuke and reject him, in YOUR glorious name,” Luvvie wrote.

R. Kelly has history of facing allegations of sexual misconduct. He was recently accused of having a sex dungeon. Although R. Kelly has yet to be convicted on any forms of abuse, the allegations have followed him throughout his career.

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