Freedom Georgia offers a working model of Black unity and collaboration

If the way things start dictates the pattern they are bound to repeat, it’s no surprise America has never been a safe space for Blacks. Post-slavery America has continued to demonstrate its inability to treat its Black residents as equal citizens. While the Civil Rights Movement ended with some feeling optimistic, racism has continued to […]

Past winner of ‘The Voice,’ Chris Blue, tells moving story behind new single

While prepping his debut EP, which he expects to drop sometime in the first quarter of 2021, Chris Blue, season 12 winner of “The Voice,” got a premonition as he completed his sizzling new track, “Back 2 The Future.” Fortunately for his adoring fans, that omen, which pays due homage to Chadwick Boseman and the […]

Akon unveils plans to build $6B ‘real-life Wakanda’

Multiplatinum and award-winning singer and producer Akon once said he took a self-imposed moratorium from the music industry in a magnanimous gesture to let others shine. While maybe partially true, many fans will now believe the prolific hitmaker went on hiatus from creating hits so that he can create a vision for a real-life magical […]

Kanye said he’d model his presidency after ‘Black Panther’ kingdom Wakanda

Controversial rapper Kanye West made further declarations about his proposed presidential campaign that further confused the masses as to what his real political affiliation, intention and philosophy are. First off, Kanye said he no longer supports the current president of the United States and declared that he is taking off the red MAGA (Make America […]

Chadwick Boseman may not appear in ‘Black Panther’ sequel

Is trouble brewing in the magical kingdom of Wakanda? It is being reported that Chadwick Boseman could possibly not return for the sequel of the all-time blockbuster Black Panther that took America by storm in 2018, states. Citing Cosmic Book News, Boseman, 42, is said to be looking for a raise to reprise the […]

‘Black Panther’ actor Winston Duke discusses being sexualized by fans

Winston Duke didn’t expect his Black Panther character to be “sexualized and fetishized” as much as it was. The 32-year-old actor played Jabari Tribe leader M’Baku in the 2018 acclaimed Marvel blockbuster. He claims that with his big screen breakout role, came a huge amount of objectification surrounding his body, making him a “sexual object.” Duke says it […]

Black Twitter slams company for ‘Black Panther’ ad with White model

The clothing line company Forever 21, is getting a lot of flak for its ad featuring a White model. The model is wearing a sweater inspired by the hit Marvel movie Black Panther with the words “Wakanda Forever” — and Black Twitter is not happy. Forever 21 listed the item online as the “Wakanda Forever Fair […]

General Motors supports STEM; sponsors youth Wakanda Design Challenge at CBC

General Motors (GM) is committed to creating opportunities in STEM education (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) and continues to open doors for today’s students to become tomorrow’s innovators. GM and the John Hopkins University School of Medicine recently sponsored the second annual STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics) Revolt Youth Workshop and Wakanda Design […]

Dayum: How King T’Challa on ‘SNL’s’ Black Jeopardy snapped us back to reality

King T’Challa made his first – and maybe last – appearance on “Saturday Night Live’s” Black Jeopardy. Saturday night’s categories were “Grown Ass”, “Aw Hell Naw”, “Fid’na”, “Girl, Bye”, “I Ain’t Got It,” and “White People.” As the Wakandan superhero/world leader competed, he confirmed that we are light years away from a police brutality and […]

Black folks react to Thanos destroying Wakanda in ‘Avengers: Infinity War’

The latest trailer for Avengers: Infinity War was recently released by Marvel. In the clip, there are multiple superheroes from the Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy. SpiderMan, Captain America, and Dr. Strange are featured in the trailer as well. Black Panther is also prominently featured following the worldwide success of the film, Black Panther. […]

The Black Delegation speaks: R. Kelly and 8 other folks not invited to Wakanda

It’s official. Wakanda is real and according to the Twitter account of Maynard Holbrook Jackson Jr. Airport, named after The Mecca’s first Black mayor, flights to the all-things-Black-and-wonderful utopia have already began departing Atlanta (because where else would they leave from?). A one-way ticket is free. You just have to recite the lyrics to any […]

Luvvie bans R. Kelly from entering the ‘Black Panther’ world of Wakanda

R. Kelly apparently won’t be accepted in the world of Wakanda. The Twitter account for the Atlanta Airport tweeted an image of the flight with the hashtag #WakandaForever. Following the post, thousands retweeted the image and it was liked by over 30k people. One of those people who liked the post was R. Kelly. The […]

Why Ava DuVernay decided to walk away from directing ‘Black Panther’

Ava DuVernay was set to make history. In 2015, there were speculations in the film industry that DuVernay would become the first Black woman to direct a Marvel film. DuVernay had just directed the critically-acclaimed Selma and was set to take on the role as director of Black Panther. Although Chadwick Boseman had signed on […]

4 lessons from the ‘Black Panther’ movie for Black America

Marvel’s Black Panther is so much more than just another good guy vs. bad guy comic sequel. Instead, the story replicates real life where bad guys are birthed from innocent pain and the boundaries between good and evil are often blurred by motive, circumstance and even lineage. Aside from being a visual delight due to […]

Michael B. Jordan spent a lot of time alone for this reason

Michael B Jordan admitted he trained for a year and a half to get into shape for his role as villain Erik Kilmonger in Black Panther. The 31-year-old actor stars as villain Erik Kilmonger in the new Marvel Cinematic Universe movie and revealed the intense training regimen — which he compared to a “Swiss army […]

Black Panther, Black heroes and Black fans making racists mad

For many decades, when it came to the science fiction and fantasy genres, Blacks were sadly missing or present only in the background. For many, the presence wasn’t solidified until the premiere of the hit TV show “Star Trek” in 1966 that America saw Nichelle Nichols portray Lt. Uhura that showed Black people somehow survived […]

The world of Wakanda comes to Atlanta for Dragon Con 2017

At this year’s DragonCon there were dozens of people dressing as their favorite comic book heroes. This year there was a special event that featured Black attendees with the theme “World of Wakanda.” The fictional kingdom of Wakanda is ruled by Prince T’Challa, otherwise known as Black Panther, is the subject of a feature length […]

Black women warriors: A sneak peek into ‘Black Panther’s’ Dora Milaje

I went into lightweight Marshawn-Lynchesque “beast mode” this weekend. I’m sure many movie geeks and comic book nerds, particularly those of African descent, recently did the same. “You know why I’m here,” I thought while the owner sized me up from the checkout counter as I entered my first comic book store in years. After […]