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Abuser Columbus Short sentenced to jail time

Photo: Twitter-columbusshort1

Unfortunately, when you evoke the name Columbus Short these days, it doesn’t elicit images of a sharp-dressed legal investigator on the smash shit “Scandal,” but of a man who reportedly manhandles his women. Short reportedly blew his temper yet again, and the judge has sent the actor to a year in jail.

Most fans of the charismatic but easily combustible Stomp the Yard actor know about Short getting banished from that sweet, career-making gig on the blockbuster TV series “Scandal” after reports of domestic abuse. And it looks like years later, he has not learned to stop his temper from blowing up on other people. Drug use may also play a part in his spiral from Hollywood stardom.

Short entered his plea on Friday in Los Angeles after getting arrested back in November. According to prosecutors, he hit new wife Aida Abramyan during an argument and he was subsequently sentenced to 36 months probation and domestic violence education.

The problem for Short is that he was already on probation for a 2014 bar fight where he knocked out a guy, so he got the year in jail for violating his probation.

Worse off, this is not the first time Short has been legally entangled due to domestic violence. He’s also on probation for a previous incident where he reportedly held a knife to his ex-wife’s throat.

Short announced his engagement and pregnancy with his current wife just months after breaking up with Karrine Steffans in 2016.

Short admitted to “Access Hollywood that his uncontrollable drug addiction played a major part in his departure from “Scandal,” not just domestic violence.

“I’ll be candid. I was struggling with drugs,” Short admitted in 2014 to hosts Billy Bush and Kit Hoover of “Access Hollywood.”

“I had a lot on my plate, and you know, I was using unhealthy ways to kind of self-medicate and deal with a lot of heavy duty stuff in my life.”

When the show asked what he was abusing, Short, 35, said, “I was doing cocaine and drinking a lot, and trying to balance a 16-hour work schedule a day, and a family, and I just lost myself back then.” Short added that the show’s brilliant producer Shonda Rhimes, who also created “Grey’s Anatomy” and “How to Get Away With Murder,” tried to hold him down and help him get himself together, to no avail.

Even though the actor pleaded no contest to domestic violence, his wife is saying the media got the news wrong. She took to Twitter to show support of her husband and chastise the press.