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Some are upset Kobe Bryant won an Oscar following 15-year-old rape accusation

Some are upset Kobe Bryant won an Oscar following 15-year-old rape accusation

Kobe Bryant became the first NBA player to win an Oscar after his victory at the Academy Awards for Best Short Film with Dear Basketball.

But as Bryant made history, some questioned his past. In 2003, Bryant was accused of rape by a 19-year-old in Colorado. Bryant was eventually charged with sexual assault. If convicted, Bryant could have faced decades in prison.

However, the accuser’s past became a key issue in the case as Bryant’s defense team was able to question her credibility. The case eventually became a spectacle.

The accuser refused to testify and the prosecutor dropped the charges. Bryant would settle out of court with the accuser after issuing a public apology.

But some are attempting to bring up a 15-year-old incident to suggest that Bryant should not have won an Oscar. Although Bryant is taking heat for his past, he’s not the only person in Hollywood who has dealt with such issues. Woody Allen continues to direct films even after admitting to marrying his step-daughter.

Bryant was never convicted of a crime, so his guilt or innocence can only be judged by opinions. And there is also the question about great art being produce by a person who may, or may not, have done a bad thing. It’s up to the individual moviegoer to determine if they are willing, or not, to look pass a person’s indiscretions to enjoy their work.

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