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Celeb hairstylist sparks beauty entrepreneurship movement starting with brunch

Atlanta stylist Mychael aka Kelz Wallace – photo provided by Mychael Wallace

So, 2018 has proven to be the year of the woman and Women’s History Month has taken the focus to an even higher level. African American female entrepreneurs are springing up everywhere, especially in cities like Atlanta, DC and Chicago. Atlanta celebrity stylist Kelz Wallace, owner of the Hair Rock Café in Atlanta, had a vision to create a resource for millennial females looking to follow their passion and become entrepreneurs. Kelz partnered with fellow stylist Larissa Von and entertainment publicist and author Christal Jordan to create Legacy of Beauty, a resource for female entrepreneurs with emphasis on the beauty industry. The trio will host the organization’s first event, The Legacy of Beauty Inaugural brunch, on Sunday, March 25.

“I came to Atlanta from Baltimore and I went through a lot figuring things out on my own,” Wallace admits. “I wanted to support and encourage other women on their journey. I partnered with two women that share the same vision and we created this resource to uplift women and to encourage them to chase their dreams.”

Von is known throughout the region for motivating other women and hosting workshops and events to assist women in pushing their dreams forward. She says there wasn’t a second thought about partnering with Wallace for Legacy of Beauty.

stylist Larissa Von, photo provided by Larissa Von

“Helping women find their purpose is one of my passions,” Von explains. “All three of us have this mentoring spirit and we found commonality in the fact that our hearts are in helping other women.”

Jordan agrees wholeheartedly: “Growing up, I didn’t have the self confidence I needed to really take risks. That didn’t come for me until later in life and if I can help another woman get that confidence earlier in life then my journey was worth it.”

The inaugural Legacy of Beauty brunch is being held at the Marke Studios located at 1210 Fowler Street in Atlanta. The brunch will honor eight successful female entrepreneurs who have overcome amazing obstacles to be trailblazers in their industry. One of the things that makes this brunch different from many other female empowerment brunches is that the founders have partnered with Drop Ship Bundles to offer guests the ability to attend the brunch as a “potential entrepreneur,” but leave as an entrepreneur with a viable business.

The 2018 Legacy of Beauty honorees include Coco White (master hairstylist, Tyler Perry Studios), Dr. Lissa Bootstaylor M.D. (Atlanta APC Plastic Surgery), Beatrice Espada (owner The Honey Pot Co), Jesseca DuPart (owner Kaleidoscope hair products), Mz. Shyneka and Alex (co-owners ReJu Spa), Kela Taylor (owner of The Marke Studios) and Danielle James (beauty editor, Hello Beautiful).

The inaugural Legacy of Beauty empowerment brunch is scheduled for Sunday, March 25. The event is sponsored by BET Her, Beauty Clout, Hello Beautiful and rolling out.

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