Roxanne Shanté explains why she left hip-hop during ‘Breakfast Club’ interview

Roxanne Shanté explains why she left hip-hop during 'Breakfast Club' interview
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MC Roxanne Shanté from Juice Crew created one of the most legendary diss tracks in hip-hop history. At the tender age of 14, Shanté released “Roxanne’s Revenge” in 1984, which was produced by Marley Marl.

Shanté left such an impact in the world of hip-hop, the pioneer’s Netflix biopic “Roxanne Roxanne” premiered March 23. The film is produced by Forest Whitaker and Pharrell.

However, having a significant impact in hip-hop with a hit record at such a young age did not keep Shanté motivated enough to pursue a career in the industry.

On Friday, March 23, the Queens, New York, native stopped by “The Breakfast Club” to discuss why her career as a rapper did not last.

“One of the things about it was it was not financially beneficial for me at that time, and I had a lot of responsibility,” Shanté says.

The MC added that she was already a parent and was also responsible for her sister.

“I needed things that were financially lucrative for me, and at that time it wasn’t. I was a battle rapper. I had no intention of making records.”

Shanté also mentioned how her hit record with Marley Marl came about.

“It just so happens Marley Marl, who happened to be one of the greatest hip-hop producers, lived across the street right above the laundromat, and I was going to do laundry, and he was like, ‘Listen, come and do a freestyle for me.’ And that’s how this came about. There was no demo. There was no looking around for record companies. Everything literally came to me — the same way how the movie came. It’s just about the things that take place in the universe.”

For more, check out the interview below.

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