Dr. Martin Luther King: Here’s how the world will remember him

Reclaim MLK Freedom and Unity March in Portland Oregon, on Jan. 15, 2018  (Photo Credit: Diego G Diaz / Shutterstock.com)

On April 4, we are reminded of the day that one of the world’s most peaceful activists, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., was assassinated at the Lorraine Motel in Memphis, Tennessee. There was chaos and sadness as news of the civil rights leader’s death swept the nation. This year marks the 50th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s death. To commemorate the legacy of the leader, many cities are having events across the country.


6:01 PM Bell Toll – On April 4, bells will ring across the nation at places of worship, college campuses or institutions at 6:01 p.m. to honor his legacy.

At 6:01 pm, a ceremonial bell-tolling will mark an international moment of reflection as the bell from historic Clayborn Temple is rung 39 times — once for each year Dr. King lived. These first bell tolls will be echoed at the King Center in Atlanta and at churches, universities, and other institutions around the world. Just as news of King’s death was first known in Memphis and then rippled throughout the country and across the globe, the local, national, and international tolls will follow at 6:03 p.m., 6:05 p.m., and 6:07 p.m., respectively.

Memphis, Tennessee

Tributes from the Museum Courtyard – On April 4, there will be a free event that will consist of musical, dance and spoken word performances and reflections from civil rights leaders in salute to Dr. King.

The 6:01 50th anniversary ceremony from the balcony of the Lorraine Motel – On April 4, The community will gather at 3:30 pm for the official ceremony with the laying of the wreath, ecumenical liturgy, musical and spoken tributes, and remarks from civil rights leaders.

Gospel Reflections from the Mountaintop  On April 4, The Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission and The Gospel Coalition will meet at the Memphis Convention Center to discuss the state of racial unity in the church.


The Martin Luther King, Jr. Nonviolent Peace Prize Award – On April 4, the highest award from the King Center will be presented for one’s commitment to nonviolence as a way of life. The 2018 Peace Prize Award Ceremony honors lawyers Benjamin Ferencz and Bryan Stevenson. The event will be moderated by the Rev. Bernice A. King and Atlanta’s legendary news anchor Monica Pearson. The event will be held at the King Center in the Yolanda D. King Theatre for The Performing Arts at 10:30 a.m.

I Am a Man Film Screening  On April 4, this film will be shown at the IBEW Auditorium. This is a film that chronicles the Memphis sanitation strike that began in February 1968.

Service and March for Humanity from Ebenezer to Morehouse  On April 9, a 3.5-mile walk will take place from The King Center to Morehouse College to commemorate the iconic funeral procession.

Birmingham, Alabama

The Keeper of Dreams Awards Banquet  On April 4, the Birmingham Metro SCLC will host this year’s Keeper of the Dream Awards Banquet to honor individuals who have continued the legacy of the organization’s founding president, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Washington, D.C.

Contemporary Artist in Conversation with History: 1968- On April 4, the Smithsonian American Art Museum in Washington will host this event at 6:30 pm to provide an outlet for artists to discuss how racial equality and civil rights reverberate through art today.

New York

Dance Theatre of Harlem’s Vision Gala  On April 4, New York City Center Harlem’s Vision gala will celebrate the legacy of Dr. King with a New York City opening night performance by the inspiring Company and DTH School students.

Raleigh, North Carolina

A Commemoration of the Assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. – On April 4, First Baptist Church of Raleigh, North Carolina, will celebrate with an evening of gospel music, prayer and poetry. There will be presentations by NC Supreme Court justices Cheri Beasley and Mike Morgan and representative Chaz Beasley.

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