Happy 420: 2 vaporizers guaranteed to elevate your holiday experience

Source: Instagram @davincivaporizer

Happy 420, tree lovers! On this day, people across the country partake in the consumption of marijuana in several different forms and capacities. Though there is a plethora of ways to thoroughly enjoy your herbs or liquid, today we highlight the latest innovation to the smoking game: vaporizers.

An evolved product from the e-cigarette, herbal vaporizers are the latest craze in the ganja community. They are offered in various shapes and sizes. Members of the ro staff narrowed down a sample group to two vaporizers we’re sure you’ll love. Read on to check out our review:


Source: Instagram @cloudious9

Hydrology9 by Cloudious9

Luxury vapors are refined by the Hydrology9. Though it is fairly large, the size is worth it. This liquid filtration vaporizer is constructed of anti-rust spacecraft grade aluminum alloy and borosilicate glass. Reminding you of an extra-large glass piece, it features a Tunnel Tube Water Filtration System that facilitates cleaner and smoother inhalation, lowers carcinogen intake, and cools the vaporizer. A small compartment at the bottom of the cylinder opens for a small amount of herb. The oven connected to the compartment heats up at lightening fast speed, based on chosen LED lit heating levels.

Its inconspicuous design will have you thinking it’s a sleek water tumbler at first glance. Though its design is sleek and inner makers are quite complicated, the output of this vaporizer isn’t. It’s pure, simple, and smooth and receives a 10/10.


Source: Instagram @davincivaporizers

Davinci IQ

This small gadget is the perfect vaporizer on the go. Able to fit in the palm of your hand, the Davinci IQ is small but powerful. It features a 51 LED light grid display and haptics used to communicate with users, precision control, and boost standby mode. The 100% cubic zirconium airway mouthpiece is designed with elevated purity level for enhanced flavors. The oven heats up the added herb according to your chosen temperature and notifies you when its ready via the LED lights and haptics.

The IQ is also app enabled, which allows users to control their entire session from their phone. We love that it can easily fit in your pocket or purse without being noticed, making it the must-have lifestyle vaporizer. 10/10

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