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5 films to watch on 4/20

Cannabis enthusiasts worldwide recognize April 20 as a holiday, and though the details of its origins are a little foggy, reportedly a small group in

Top 10 cannabis festivals in the US

According to stoners, there is only one holiday every year: April 20, aka 4/20. Of course, there are other events for the adventurous. So here are

5 things you need to know about 4/20

Today is the alternative social smoking holiday known as “420” day. It’s a day for marijuana smokers to enjoy their weed by themselves or with

How April 20 became known as National Weed Day

It’s April 20, and stoners everywhere are lighting up in celebration. While the use of cannabis remains contentious politically, it’s become widely more excepted as

Best movies to watch on 420 Day!

It’s 420 Day, potheads and stoners across the country are celebrating. Here are four movies to watch for a funny 420 Day!  1) Cheech &

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