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420 Day: If you are vaping, do it with Cobra Extracts oil

420 Day: If you are vaping, do it with Cobra Extracts oil
Cobra Extract Vape Cartridge (Image used with permission of Cobra Extracts)

With the legalization of marijuana in many states, vaping is becoming a very popular option. Whether a person chooses an inexpensive vape pen or a more upscale vaporizer, for marijuana connoisseurs it is the preferred method of consuming marijuana.

But not all vape oils are the same and some can leave a distinct aftertaste. This is because some manufacturers extract the THC oil from the undetermined plants and then flavor it with additives called terpenes which in some cases could be artificial. These terpenes are what give different strains of marijuana a distinctive smell and taste. One company that saw the need for a more pure and natural THC oil drawn from known strains, that company is Cobra Extracts. Rolling out spoke with the company about their product and vaping.

Vaping is becoming a popular form of marijuana consumption. Why is a full spectrum vape oil a good choice for medical marijuana users?

Vaping is a great method because it allows for discreet consumption with controlled and measured dosages. Vaping is also a lot healthier than smoking the plant. While pills and edibles offer a non-smoking method of consumption (which some patients prefer). Edibles are not metabolized the same way as a vaporized product; as such the effects can be different. Edibles are also not able to help with acute needs as they can take up to two hours for full effects. Dosing can also be difficult to calibrate as effects and timing can vary on a patient’s individual metabolism. So vaping offers patients a way to consume cannabis without all the carcinogens of smoking.

Are all vape products basically the same?

No. There can be toxic carcinogens in some vape products too, so patients need to be careful. Some companies add PG or VG to their products to their vape products; which can be toxic once vaporized. That’s one reason why Cobra Extracts doesn’t add any additives or preservatives to our products. In addition to safety, we also find that the best way to achieve the intended effects of any strain is to maintain the original profile of plant. It takes us a little longer and costs a little more, but the end result shows that it’s worth the effort to make a natural product that patients can trust.

What differentiates Cobra Extracts’ vape oil products?

Cobra Extracts doesn’t follow the pack. Our oil is gently coaxed from family farmed cannabis crops. We never use any harmful solvents and we purify the oil using our innovative cold refining process. This allows us to produce exceptionally potent CO2 oil that is crystal clear, glows a beautiful amber color, and drips like honey. All Natural. Pure and simple. After a year of research and development, our team of scientists has developed a line of products that is unparalleled.

This writer can attest to the power and flavor of Cobra Extract vape cartridges. The draw is smooth and there is no oily aftertaste that one might find in other brands. Because the oil also contains CBD and natural terpenes, there is a more fulfilling sensation.

To find out more about Cobra Extracts and their product line visit their website:

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