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Trump supporter comes to Texas mass shooting with US flag, gun, MAGA hat

Trump supporter comes to Texas mass shooting with US flag, gun, MAGA hat
Santa Fe High School (Image Source: Sante Fe ISD)

Once again the public has learned that a mass shooting had occurred today at Santa Fe High School, near Houston. As the sheriff announced that at least 10 students had lost their lives and 12 are seriously injured, an unidentified man felt he needed to make a statement. So he grabbed an American flag and his gun and went down to the school. His actions infuriated many and have shown the disturbing mindset of some gun advocates.

When these mass shooting events occur organizations like the NRA become fearful because it knows that the blood of innocents leads a trail back to its ideological doors. Gun supporters even say “it’s a false flag attack” or “these are crisis actors” when a mass shooting event occurs as parents bury children and sisters, brothers, husbands, wives and lovers. But not even the faces of dead children move the callous hearts of politicians who seek a passing grade and donations from the NRA and other gun lobbyists to keep the machinery of death going.

President Trump has tweeted:

The president’s tweet is perhaps the most obscenely ignorant response to a national emotional crisis since President George H. Bush’s response during Hurricane Katrina when he said “good job Brownie” as people were dying.
Here is the video of the unidentified man and the reaction he received below:

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