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Why some white people have a beef with LeBron James and Black women

Why some white people have a beef with LeBron James and Black women
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LeBron James is facing backlash again. This time, some White people are upset that he decided to celebrate Black women. In an Instagram post, James shared several magazine covers which featured Beyoncé, Oprah, Erykah Badu, Nicki Minaj, Aja King and others.

In the caption, James wrote, “Nothing in this world is more powerful than colored women! Thank you all for continuing to not settled [sic] and setting great examples in life for some many looking up to you for inspiration/guidance and love!! My daughter is watching!”

James may have made an error by writing “colored women” instead of “women of color,” but, otherwise, the post was empowering.

However, some White people were upset by LeBron James’ post and called him racist. @LittleCeasar_22 wrote, “This isn’t racist? Imagine if Trump put up a cover saying the same exact thing except using the word White.”

Also, @Candiceboles wrote, “That is reverse discrimination. I do not have a prejudice [sic] bone in my body. If a white person posted ‘there is nothing more POWERFUL than a white woman’ all hell would break loose.”

Instagram user, @bajanjewel, countered those reactions by writing, “Sad white people who are insecure. His daughter is looking up to women who look like her! Women of color. Get out your feelings. Where is this “equality” talk when young black men get shot? Giving value to THE most undervalued and misaligned [sic] group is something to be proud of. How about you pay black women on the same rate as ALL women.”

Also, Instagram user, @ice_redlip_tx,  “Dear Anglo Saxons, you can uplift black girl magic and not be prejudice [sic]! Do you know what black women have to go through in this world? You should also be celebrating and excited about the changes a black woman who is always frowned upon is making in this country and world! This doesn’t make Mr.James racist because for one black people can’t be racist! Just embrace the uplifting! Don’t make you less than at all!”

The post revealed how race continues to be a factor in every aspect of American life. One simple post celebrating the power of Black women sparked a debate on race in this nation.

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