Lil Kim says she done with Nicki Minaj feud

Lil Kim says she done with Nicki Minaj feud
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Lil Kim is “over” her feud with Nicki Minaj.

The 43-year-old rapper has been embroiled in a war of words with the “Anaconda” hitmaker since 2010, when Nicki mentioned that she’d crossed paths with Lil Kim at a concert and asked her if they were good before taking snaps together, and Kim later retaliated with claims that Nicki’s account of the night was exaggerated.

But it seems that after eight years of bitter rivalry, the “Magic Stick” rapper is finally ready to put the past behind her, saying she’s over the feud and now wishes Nicki “the best” with her career.

When asked her thoughts on Nicki, who released her fourth album Queen on Friday, Aug. 10,  Kim said: “Why isn’t this about Kim? If we gon’ mention one female [rapper] we need to mention them all. We need to bring everybody [into the conversation], and we need to give everybody love.

“God bless her, I wish her the best. I’m past that. I’m over it. … She did what she did. Until she’s ready, hopefully, God puts it on her mind to do the right thing because she knows what she did. Once that happens, hopefully, everyone will stop asking me [about Nicki].”

Since their feud began, the 32-year-old rapper has been accused of stealing Lil Kim’s “Jump Off” hitmaker wants to put the past behind her, though, as she’s tired of women being pitted against one another.

Speaking during an appearance on Real 92.3, she said: “That automatically puts females against each other. Let each female shine, when Remy‘s up here, ask her about her f—ing dope a– bars.”

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