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John David Washington corrects reporter who called him ‘son of Denzel’

John David Washington corrects reporter who called him 'son of Denzel'

Rising Hollywood star John David Washington just scored major points with women worldwide when he immediately corrected a television news reporter who only referred to him as the “son of Denzel Washington.”

John David Washington, 34, undoubtedly loves his father. But he was quick to give props to his mother, Pauletta Washington, 67, who is also an actor who graduated from a prestigious university. And John David Washington admits nearly suffocating under the crushing weight of being the eldest male offspring of two-time Oscar winning Denzel Washington, 63, who is considered one of the greatest actors of this — or any — generation.

This is why the son pursued a career in the NFL and professional sports before continuing the family business of acting as he wanted desperately to carve out his own space and identity.

The son is now following in the gargantuan footsteps of his father as he is the lead actor in the critically acclaimed Spike Lee joint, BlacKkKlansman. But he is quick to remind folks, including a “Today” reporter, that he is much more than “the son of Denzel.”

“And Pauletta Washington,” John David Washington quickly cut in on the reporter. “She was earning more money than he was when they first started dating. She was on Broadway working. She paid for the first date. She paid the bill. She paid the cab ride. She’s a classically-trained pianist, went to Julliard.

“She’s a great artist in her own right,” the actor continued. “I learned a lot from her. My father taught me how to hunt. My mother taught me how to love.”

Check out the NBC “Today” interview with John David Washington in full below:

YouTube video

How do you feel about how John David Washington so eloquently praised his mother, who happens to be a woman of great accomplishments?

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