Kelly Rowland shares how having a son changed her life

Kelly Rowland shares how having a son changed her life
Kelly Rowland and her son Titan (Photo Instagram – @kellyrowland)

Kelly Rowland‘s son makes her feel “confident.”

The”Kisses Down Low’ song maker feels grateful to have her
three-year-old son Titan Jewell in her life and she feels blessed that
he came into her life just at the right time.

She told People magazine: “My son makes me feel confident. He’s just
amazing. I’m like, ‘I did that right.’ He came at the most interesting
time of my life and I had no choice but to be strong. I want him to be
better than me, it’s just that simple. So I always like to make sure
I’m doing right by him.”

Meanwhile, she previously confessed that having a baby brought Rowland and her
husband Tim closer.

She said: “It actually brought us closer. In some ways, we had to
figure it out together, and we did. He was just so supportive. He
always asked me if I needed help and he always tried to figure out a
way to just be there to comfort me and I’m so grateful to him for
that. You know, that six-week period [after childbirth] feels like
forever, and as a gentleman – [Tim’s] very gentle, so he wanted to
give me a little more space. I’m like, ‘No, let’s go!’ I’m still a mom
and it doesn’t matter … I’m a woman and I have physical needs.

“I think that it has to be a conscious thing that you want to do.
Before the baby comes, just have a list of things that you want to
promise each other. Whether it’s, ‘You do this on Fridays,’ or ‘We
have date nights on this day,’ ‘Let’s make sure we can do vacation,
just me and you.’ It’s just certain things like promises that you make
between each other. I actually learned that from Dr. Bickman because
her and her husband have Friday nights, every Friday night, just them
two together. She said they can be at a restaurant and they don’t have
to say anything, but it’s just the time that they have together. It’s
such a great goal to have.”

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