NFL star Antonio Brown sued for almost killing a baby by allegedly doing this

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Pittsburgh Steelers star Antonio Brown faces a lawsuit after a person claims that he nearly killed a baby. The incident occurred in April 2018 when Brown returned to his condo in Sunny Isles, Florida, after an 11-day trip.

Brown discovered that a bag with $80,000 cash and a handgun was missing. In a fit of rage, he allegedly began throwing things out of his 14th-floor condo, which landed near the pool area below.

Ophir Sternberg recent filed a lawsuit claiming that his 22-month-old son was walking with his grandfather near the pool area of a condo complex “when large objects started to fall from the building many floors above them and crash to the ground.” It was determined that Brown was the person who threw the objects.

Sternberg also claims that his son has been traumatized by the incident and cries at night due to the stress caused by Brown.

In addition to facing a lawsuit, Brown also has issues with management at the condo. Security video revealed that three members of the building’s cleaning staff entered Brown’s apartment while he was away without his permission.

Brown, who no longer lives at the condo, has yet to reveal if he will file a lawsuit against the condo’s owner.

Sternberg’s suit against Brown seeks damages in excess of $15,000, plus interest, costs and attorney’s fees.

On the field, Brown has scored five touchdowns and caught 35 passes in five games with the Steelers.


A.R. Shaw
A.R. Shaw

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