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Chris Brown and Nia Guzman battling it out over their daughter

Chris Brown and daughter Royalty Brown (Photo: Instagram @chrisbrown)

Chris Brown is to “significantly” increase his child support payments
to Nia Guzman.

The “Loyal” hitmaker currently pays his former partner $2,500 a month
to support their daughter Royalty, and though he’s not planning to
hand over her requested $21,000 a month, he is set to up the sum
considerably following months of discussions in mediation.

Sources told TMZ the 29-year-old musician is also planning to buy
a house for Guzman and has agreed to pay over $100,000 of her legal fees,
with insiders explaining they are now getting on much better than they
previously were.

In September, the “Run It” singer argued Royalty would be “spoilt” if
he increased his payments in line with Guzman’s request or gave her the
$250,000 in retroactive child support she had also asked for.

He argued in court documents: “Providing a four-year-old with
everything she demands could be harmful and is not in her best

Guzman  has also claimed that Brown only has Royalty for 20 percent of
the time, but the singer is adamant he has her for at least 12 days a

He outlined that he pays $6,000 a month for a private school, covers
her medical expenses and pays for a nanny – even though Guzman’s mother
takes care of Royalty – as well as coughing up $1,770.98 a month in
vacations and travel, $1,516.59 for gifts and entertainment, and
another $419 for activities.

Brown accused Guzman of using their little girl as a pawn and he’s made it
clear on his documents that he’s not willing to pay the $21,000 per
month she has reportedly requested, but he is happy to increase it to
$9,813 a month.

He also claimed that the pair only slept together once and she didn’t
tell him she was pregnant until Royalty was born but, even then, she
allegedly withheld custody from him when he refused to cough up more
money in child support.