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Cleveland boy, 11, leads police on high speed chase for second time (video)

Cleveland boy leads police on high speed chase (image Source: YouTube screen shot)

Back in October, a 10-year-old Cleveland, Ohio, boy made national news after he led police on a high speed chase. The unidentified minor was bored while waiting for a ride to school and decided to take his mom’s boyfriend’s car. He led police on a 45-mile chase with speeds reaching 100 mph.

Well that same child, now 11, is back in the news for doing the same thing this week. The reason that was given for stealing his mother’s car and the new police chase was over his mother’s discipline. According to Fox-8 News, the incident happened on Sunday, Nov. 3, 2018, at around 10:30 PM. Earlier that evening, the mother took away her son’s Playstation because of his behavior. In retaliation, the angry boy waited until his mother was asleep and took her 2013 Dodge Durango for a ride.

The boy’s father, who lives nearby, saw his son driving his mother’s car and called her as he got into his car in pursuit of the boy. This time the boy drove down one way streets and the chase only ended after he crashed into another vehicle. The child was treated for minor injuries and then taken to a juvenile detention center.

The video of the car chase from the police dashcam can be seen below: