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Dad lets 9 year old daughter drive car and she crashes; he goes to jail

Jaron McGee (Photo Credit: Lake County Jail)

Jaron McGee (Photo Credit: Lake County Jail)

Talk about being an irresponsible parent. Jaron McGee, 23, of Cleveland was teaching his 9-year-old daughter to drive. He had obviously placed too much stock in his ability to teach and allowed her to take the wheel of his 1998 4-door Honda at Headlands State Park in Painesville Township.

She was driving too fast and lost control of the car. When police arrived, the young girl, uninjured, had gone home with relatives. The car was extensively damaged.

McGee was arrested for child endangering and wrongful entrustment and booked into the Lake County Jail. Although his charges are misdemeanors, he’s being held in jail on two warrants from other cases.