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Former B2K member Raz B and the East Side Boyz stay motivated for this reason

Raz B -Photo Credit GP/Star Max/GC Images Courtesy of Publicist Janae Harris

Former member of the group B2K, Raz B took a break from the United States and hit the streets of China for seven years. Now, he’s returned to the US to reclaim his music career, and, more importantly, be with his family. He actually turned down the opportunity of gaining citizenship in China to return to them.

What keeps him motivated to pursue his career in the music industry with all the ups and downs?

“I want to make a difference and continue to make a difference here. I don’t want to exist as wasted space. I want to continue to push the team forward and change the culture. I wake up with a responsibility to know that I’m here and I am breathing, so my job is just to serve the King. The enemy constantly wants to pull you back so I have to stay consistent in what I am trying to do. I need to just play my part in this big ole world and keep pushing the human race forward,” said Raz B.

Rolling out had the opportunity to speak with Raz B and the East Side Boyz about their latest collaboration to present the single “Get it Low.”

You and the East Side Boyz seem to be from two totally different worlds. How did this collaboration even come about?

Raz B: You know Big Al is a really good friend of mine and he presented the opportunity to me when I was in China. I heard the record and I was like I have got to get on this. It just worked out to be the perfect fit. I used to see Lil Jon in China all the time but I never thought I would get the opportunity to work with the East Side Boyz.

Big Sam (East Side Boyz): It’s crazy because Big AL said Raz B is looking for a new sound and I remember I had this song I was working on in my head. So we were at the studio and Adam played this beat and I said I got it. Then I went in and laid the hook and all the crunk tracks and the bridge. Then we sent it to Raz and he just loved it. He sent a rough back and I was like, whoa this can be big.  [There was an] empty spot and so I put a verse on there.

Raz B, why did you stay in China for seven years? 

Raz B: In China, the economy is booming; they are buying up everything. I learned the language. I think I started getting so embedded in the culture, I learned so much about how they are with the family and I think I fell in love with the culture. Most importantly, it humbled me as a human to [witness] the littlest thing that we take for granted like spending quality time with our family and friends, not always being glued to our phones. Then I started to produce and designing clothes, learning to manufacture and trade but then I just wanted to come home to my family.

The crunk music choice: were you focusing on changing your target audience?

Raz B: You know, I’m so focused on what me and my team is doing, I’m not really worried about what the rest of the world is doing. We were just trying to bring something fresh and new to the culture. We trying to win, man. I mean we are winning.

Raz B, what’s your message to others about staying motivated?

Raz B: Live everyday like your last. Don’t ever take time for granted. Time management will keep you on your toes. Just keep it simple.

East Side Boyz, your thoughts on daily motivation?

Lil Bo (East Side Boyz):  We stay motivated by our family and fans we see on the day to day that want that feeling back. Yes, making music is our motivation. To those fans we say your wait is over. More new music is dropping in January! Yeaaaahhhhhhh!

East Side Boyz – Photo Courtesy of Michael Wright Management

Raz B ended the interview with this comment: “Love covers a multitude of sins and love is the answer.”

Check out the new single, “Get it Low,” by clicking here.