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Kim Kardashian to ask Kylie if she and Travis Scott are ‘really’ married

Kim Kardashian West “needs to ask” Kylie Jenner if she’s actually married Travis Scott.

The reality TV star has admitted that she doesn’t know if her sister secretly tied the knot with the rapper, and she insisted she will be grilling the 21-year-old model in the famous family’s group chat after speculation because of the couple calling each other “wifey” and “hubby” on social media.

She told “Entertainment Tonight”: “I literally need to ask her. That is going to be my next question in our group chat.

“We were chatting on the way over here and I think we all think that’s like, you know, what they call each other. But I have no idea.”

While Kardashian West, 38, insisted that she will definitely get to the bottom of the rumors and find out the truth, she isn’t sure if she’ll be revealing it to the rest of the world.

She added: “I will find out. I don’t know if I will share the news with you guys, but I will [find out]. I’ll have to ask, myself.”

Kim‘s comments come after Travis Scott, 26, was forced to speak out against cheating allegations after a blurry photo of a man who looked a lot like him and another woman surfaced online.

Taking to his Instagram Stories, he wrote: “I hate acknowledging s—. But quit trying to take joy from s— that’s good. I pray god blocks out all evil. (sic)”

He then added he was going to go “back to celebrating,” as his song “Sicko Mode” from the album Astroworld both hit number one in the Billboard Hot 100 and Billboard 200 chart.