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Offset crashing Cardi B’s concert a display of true love or toxic masculinity?

Cardi B at WGCI’s Big Jam in Chicago – (Photo Credit: Eddy “Precise” Lamarre)

In what could have been a scene out of a 1980s or ’90s romantic comedy, rapper Offset crashed Cardi B’s performance at Rolling Loud in an attempt to win back the love of his life. In the movies, the woman usually forgives her man before kissing him as music plays before the film credits roll.

However, was Offset’s display of affection a sign of true love or toxic masculinity?

In the real world, similar actions can be viewed as abusive and manipulative. If Cardi B worked in corporate America and Offset unexpectedly showed up to her job asking for forgiveness, it’s likely that security would remove him from the building and possibly call authorities.

Every relationship will have challenges, but it can be extremely difficult when millions of people are concerned about the outcome of a relationship. Several notable entertainers have urged Cardi B to forgive Offset. But Cardi B, and every person involved in a relationship, should be given the space and time to figure things out for themselves as they move forward.

After Offset’s attempt to win Cardi B’s heart at Rolling Out went viral, thousands of people blasted the Migos’ rapper. However, Cardi B defended Offset by revealing that she would not tolerate the bullying of her child’s father on social media.

One day after crashing Cardi B’s set, Offset shared why he decided to apologize in public.

“All of my wrongs have been made public,” Offset shared on social media. “I figure it’s only right that my apologies are made public too. A n—a was just trying.”

Overall, Cardi B and Offset will soon find out for themselves if they should be together or not. If it’s meant to be, they’ll continue to fight for each other. But it should be a process that occurs naturally, without manipulation, bullying or force.

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