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NFL player proposes to White woman on field, then her racist tweets revealed

Charles Leno Jr. proposed to girlfriend Jennifer Roth. Photo source: Twitter – @charleslenojr72

Many people are wondering what NFL star Charles Leno Jr. is thinking today. The Chicago Bears’ offensive tackle proposed to his girlfriend live on national television this past Sunday, and just days later the woman’s old racist social media posts went viral on social media.

Charles Leno, a 27-year-old Oakland, California, native, got engaged to his girlfriend of five years, Jennifer Roth, in the grandest of ways. As seen via his Twitter post, Leno got down on one knee in the middle of Soldier’s Field and proposed before the world.

As you might have expected, Roth said “yes.”

Check out the actual proposal as it was recorded and posted by his Chicago Bears squad:

The public proposal comes on the heels of Leno signing a $38 million extension deal for the team he has played for since 2014 after being drafted in the seventh round out of Boise State.

Twenty-four hours after an emotional high from the proposal, several tweets surfaced of the girlfriend Roth liberally throwing around the N-word and calling Black people ghetto, according to screenshots captured by and

In one post, Roth commented on NBA player Jimmy Butler getting a victory. She said, “Jimmy Butler got a win:) Loss for Nash, Melo and Griffin. Damn, all my n—–s took a loss in the NBA tonight.” In another post, she said “b—-es think they slick but they be acting like n—–s.”

Leno was already being buried with hate by White supremacists and Black women alike for propose to a White woman publicly. And now Leno has been ambushed by this latest news of his fiancée’s old messages.

Here is a sampling of Roth’s postings below:

After Roth’s private thoughts became public, social media pounced on her with fervor. One person came at Leno hard on Twitter, pointing out what Leno will and will not take a knee for:



Leno, of course, had some backers to offset the detractors, but not many.



What do you make of Leno’s predicament now that Roth’s messages have gone viral?