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Soulja Boy slams Kanye West for ‘disrespecting’ Black culture

Soulja Boy slams Kanye West for 'disrespecting' Black culture
Soulja Boy (Photo source: Instagram – @souljaboy)

Soulja Boy has spoken out about Kanye West in a serious rant about his antics.

The 28-year-old rapper recently slammed West for supporting the controversial figurehead and said he wouldn’t be “holding [his] tongue” when it comes to his opinions any longer.

Soulja Boy, in a Twitter rant video, said he even believes he could be to blame for West being “arrogant”, as he says he once “slammed the van door in his face” when he first found fame as a 16-year-old rapper.

He told “Entertainment Tonight,” “I love Kanye. The proof is in the pudding. I’m the reason why Kanye is stuck up and he acts cocky. Because when I was a 16-year-old kid and I had the No. 1 song in the world with “Crank That” I didn’t know who Kanye was. My manager tried to introduce me to him and I slammed the van door in his face saying, ‘Get out of my face.’ And ever since then he’s just been so arrogant.

“If I really did make Kanye act like that then I apologize. But I love Kanye … There’s no beef.”

Soulja Boy’s comments come after he said Black people had endured “too much s—” for West to be supportive of Donald Trump.

Speaking to “The Breakfast Club,” he said: “You up here supporting Trump and s—. You supporting Trump, bruh? What the f— wrong with you, bruh. That s— not right, bruh. I have sat back long enough and I’m not holding my tongue no more, bruh. Kanye, call me, get in tune with me cause if not I’m going to keep checking you.

“My folks went through too much s— for you to be out here doing this goofy s—. My grandaddy been through too much, my grandma and great grandaddy, they from Mississippi, we went through slavery and s—. You gotta put on for the Black community.”

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