Why NeNe Leakes and husband Gregg are separating

Why NeNe Leakes and husband Gregg are separating
Gregg and Nene Leakes. Photo: Instagram/@neneleakes

NeNe Leakes made the reality TV world shudder when she made the announcement that she and her husband of 20 years, Gregg Leakes, were officially separating.

The timing of Gregg Leakes, 63, moving out of the home they share is startling, considering he is currently battling stage 3 colon cancer.

Leakes, 51, conveyed the fact that she reached her broken point of the relationship because she says that her husband has been “so mean” to her ever since his medical malady was diagnosed.

“He was talking about finding a separate place,” Leakes told Cynthia Bailey during the Sunday, March 17 episode.

“You’re talking about separate houses,” Bailey asked in response as astonishment washed over her face.

“Yes,” Leakes deadpanned.

Bailey, clearly thunderstruck by the news, was momentarily speechless. “I didn’t see this one coming,” she said as her eyes blazed towards the camera.

Leakes, the only star left from RHOA’s inaugural season and oftentimes called the “OG” of the “Real Housewives” franchise, said Gregg Leakes has become too cantankerous and spiteful towards her. At one point, Gregg Leakes had become fatalistic, writing his wife a grim letter as if he had already resigned to his fate, accepting that the end was near.

“Last night, I felt like I broke,” Leakes continued to explain to Bailey. “He is so mean.”

Leakes said Gregg lets her take the “rap” for a lot of things that he has done in the marriage.

In fact, some are blaming the “RHOA” star for walking out on her husband when he needs her the most. But Nene Leakes assures her fans that this is far from the truth.

Leakes did not indicate if the couple is headed towards a divorce, which would be unthinkable to most pop culture observers.

The Leakes have been married for a combined two decades. They originally tied the knot from 1997-2001, got a divorce, then remarried in 2013. When the two decided to get back together, Gregg Leakes willingly signed a prenuptial agreement, which stipulated that in the case of a divorce, Nene Leakes would not be obligated legally to give him anything financially.

In related news, the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” taped the Season 11 reunion last week, and according to insiders, some of NeNe Leakes’ fellow cast members ganged up on her for publicly threatening to divorce her husband.

An insider told eurweb.com that Marlo Hampton was “very aggressive,” and told NeNe Leakes that “she’s a bad friend and wife.” She also accused NeNe Leakes of being “straight-up mean to Gregg.”

Check out the shocking episode where NeNe Leakes announces she and her husband Gregg are separating.

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