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Sisters with powers making us prouder every day

Photo courtesy of Munson Steed

Sisters with superpowers are individuals who are able to convey groundbreaking thoughts and create energy that is transforming our community. These women are clairvoyant and possess mystical powers.

Some of the greatest cities in America are now run by powerful, dignified and intelligent Black women who are in roles of leadership.

It is here that we find our group of Black women, who have become change agents in each of their industries as they represent through their superpowers.

This special issue of rolling out is dedicated to Black women who are empowered by the ability to make a difference beyond the average and to not accept mediocrity as an option.

It is here that she can change systemic issues that wreak havoc on our society and community.

She understands the words of Maya Angelou, and she also hears the voice of Nikki Giovanni — two women who comprehended and fulfilled their respective callings.

She understands the value of belonging to organizations such as the National Council of Negro Women as well as the importance of sisterhood, which she can gain from being a part of a phenomenal sorority. She is also a member and a leader of her church and a mother to more than her own.

She has run institutions, created miracles out of disasters and inspired vision in the blind of our society.

Her ideas penetrate walls that were erected in the past and build new cities today and for the future based on her ability to spread love, professionalism and accountability — all to create a greater good for humanity based on her efforts.

She is not selfish. She will use her superpowers not only for herself but also instill them in the next generation of young females.

Do you understand that she has a history that is beyond this continent? She sees her impact as important — for herself and also for those creative souls who will follow in her footsteps.

Her ability is limitless, and she will move forward and continue to make history as long as she has the breath of life.

“If you’re always trying to be normal, you’ll never know how amazing you can be.” ~ Maya Angelou