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Purposed Party bus blends education and girly events that empower

Purposed Party bus blends education and girly events that empower
Photo courtesy of Purposed Party

Loretta Forbes is “girl advocate” on a mission to empower young girls and encourage women to be their own kind of beautiful. As the owner of Purposed Party bus, she blends etiquette training and leadership development workshops with girly themed parties with a purpose.

How did the Purposed Party mobile concept come about? 

Most of the inspiration comes from my passion for empowering young girls. I always wanted a space where [girls] could celebrate their accomplishments and the special events in their lives. Originally, my husband and I were looking at a brick-and-mortar location. However after speaking with and meeting with my girlfriend [owner of Pink Pump and Pink Pump mobile truck], Kelly Kirkwood and her husband, [I decided that] mobile was the way to go. I wanted to be conveniently located, so parents could come to me. Now, we just go to them to make it more convenient.

How does Purposed Party blend education, self-esteem building, etiquette training and leadership development with a party atmosphere?

With every themed party we offer, we provide an activity. All of our activities [offer] enrichment and [are] educational. For instance, at our pampered parties for younger girls and tweens, we talk about proper hygiene care, taking care of your body, eating the right foods, and drinking enough water, etc. We also do a fashion show at the end. The fashion show is important to build [their] self-esteem and confidence. I think girls who are in their shells when they [first] get on the bus become very confident when they walk down the pink carpet and down the runway. We give them affirmations to say as they are walking down the pink carpet like “I am beautiful,” “I am special,” “I am unique.” All those things really matter because while we are building their confidence, they are also having a good time.

Why is it important for every girl to experience a Purposed Party? What do you want girls to take away from having a Purposed Party?

First of all, it’s fun and it’s different. You can relax, let your hair down and enjoy yourself. We get comfortable doing the same old things for parties, so this is a cool way to change it up. I want every girl who attends a Purposed Party to feel like they are their own person and that they can accomplish anything they put their mind to.

What’s next for Purposed Party?

Phase two for Purposed Party is franchising. We are working with a franchisement company [to develop a system] for those who would like to have their own Purposed Party bus. In phase three, we will provide party transportation for girls and women like pink limos and age-appropriate party buses all decked out and super girly.

To learn more about Purposed Party, visit or follow their official Facebook and Instagram @purposedparty.

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