Jorja Smith lost her way creatively ‘a little bit’ last year

Jorja Smith lost her way creatively 'a little bit' last year
Jorja Smith (Photo Credit: Bang Media)

Jorja Smith has admitted she felt like she needed some time off this year to reconnect with herself and get inspiration for her new music.

Jorja Smith lost her “creativity” last year.

The 22-year-old singer is hoping to take some time out this year to find the time to watch “cool films” to inspire her music because she was just too “busy” in 2018.

She said: “When I was busy last year, I lost a bit of my creativity.

“So I also want to get back into watching more cool films and getting references from them for songs or music videos.

“I really do love the new music I’ve released.

“Probably because it’s about the things I’m going through now, like being more open. I’m just learning more about myself.

“I overthink a lot and have battles with my own mind; it’s good to write about it.”

The “Blue Lights” hitmaker is looking forward to the coming months because she’s got some exciting professional opportunities, as well as time off to do the things she loves.

She added to ELLE magazine: “This year is going to be really fun. I’ve felt a lot happier in my presence and in my energy.

“I’m going to South America to play some music festivals, but I’ve got time off too, so I’m going to explore a bit. I want to read so much more this year. I only read one book in 2018 and started about four. ”

Jorja can be hard on herself if she makes a mistake and though she doesn’t want to let her standards drop, she also wants to be “proud” of her achievements.

She admitted: “I’m really hard on myself. Without it, I wouldn’t be who I am.

“I push myself every morning to do a shoot or a video or to do a recording.

“But if I mess up in a show, then the whole show is s**t and I beat myself up.

“I used to cry a lot, when all the doors were closed, when I did stuff wrong. I just got really upset.

“It’s now about finding that balance of being hard on myself but knowing when enough is enough. And looking at what I’ve done and being proud.”

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