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Police called after 5-year-old caught with crack cocaine at preschool

Photo credit: Nomad_Soul /

Photo credit: Nomad_Soul /

A 5-year-old pre-school kid was caught with crack cocaine. The incident occurred at a pre-school in Philadelphia, according to WPVI TV.

On May 15, the 5-year-old went to Cobbs Creek preschool with over 20 vials of crack cocaine in a plastic bag. Shortly after arriving at the school, the boy took out the bag filled with crack cocaine and showed it to his classmates.

An employee at the preschool saw the bag and took it from the child. The child told his teacher that the person who gave him the crack ordered him to keep the drugs hidden.

Officials at the preschool called 911 and gave the drugs to police, who are currently investigating the child’s father, who could face multiple charges.

Drugs were not given to any kids at the pre-school and the child is currently with family members.