Rihanna reveals her plans for Fenty fashion

Rihanna reveals her plans for Fenty fashion
Singer and businesswoman Rihanna wears hot pink as she arrives at a Fenty event in New York. (Photo credit: SplashNews.com)

Rihanna has revealed her plans for the future of Fenty fashion.

She wants to open a series of permanent Fenty stores that would be a cross “between a spa and a nightclub.”
The 31-year-old R&B superstar — whose real name is Robyn Fenty — has launched her own high-end fashion line with French luxury conglomerate LVMH (Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton) under her own name and opened a second temporary pop-up shop in New York City showcasing and selling her range.

Rihanna has now revealed that she has her own unconventional “dreams” for a chain of brick-and-mortar locations, which will totally reinvent what a store can be.

Speaking to W magazine, she said: “I have dreams for a store. It’s going to be between a spa and a nightclub. I’m not sure how I’m going to work it out. But there’ll be clothes in between.”

The “Work” hitmaker has released a range of T-shirts that are emblazoned with the phrase “No More Music.” The R&B songstress has insisted that the logo is merely to “troll” her fans and that her next album is in the pipeline.

She said: “Please let my fans know that I’m trolling them. You have to get it because it’s a souvenir. That’s the closest you’ll get to music before the album.”

Rihanna had complete creative control over the range, and she ensured that all the pieces will work for a “curvy” body like her own.

She said: “We have our fit models, which is the standard size from factories. You just get your samples made in one size. But then, I want to see it on my body, I want to see it on a curvy girl with thighs and a little bit of booty and hips. And now I have boobs that I never had before … you know, I don’t even know how to sleep sometimes. It’s challenging, so imagine getting dressed.”

Rihanna — whose collection also includes footwear and accessories, such as sunglasses and jewelry — hopes that any woman will feel “confident” in her garments.

She told E! News: “It’s all of these things I take into consideration because I want women to feel confident in my stuff.

“Whether it’s through fashion, lingerie, music, makeup … we try to get everybody involved and included in our brand.”

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