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Ayesha Curry fans defend her after trolls slam her ‘Milly Rock’ dance (video)

Ayesha and Steph Curry (Image source: Instagram – @ayeshacurry)

This time, pop culture fans came to Ayesha Curry’s defense in droves as she clowned for her husband, NBA superstar Steph Curry, by doing the Milly Rock dance in front of him.

This time, Ayesha Curry was not trending in the top 10 on Twitter for uttering controversial, questionable or shocking statements in an interview.

This time, Ayesha Curry was clearly enjoying a light, fun moment with her husband at the opening of her fourth restaurant, International Smoke, which is a collaboration between her and chef Michael Mina in Del Mar, California, about a half-hour drive north of San Diego.

Hip-hop station Hot 97 got ahold of a video of the multifaceted mother, wife, author, model, culinary connoisseur and TV show host that a few social media members had a problem with.

Some trolls, who always have their fingers on the Twitter trigger, quickly fired off projectiles of hate at the NBA wife with harsh comments and Twitter memes:

“Steph did this chick a favor when he married her,” one troll tweeted cruelly. “I apologize for the s—- about Steph, this man gotta deal with this on a daily basis,” added another.

But the rest of Twitter and Instagram formed a united front for Ayesha Curry and blasted her haters for being miserable, bored trolls with nothing to occupy the dead spaces in their unfulfilled lives. Check out the support she receives from her fans and supporters below.