Freddie Roach promises KO of Floyd Mayweather in rematch with Manny Pacquiao

Manny Pacquiao (Photo credit: / S. Bulkey)

Manny Pacquiao’s legendary trainer Freddie Roach reignited a years-long feud between his boxer and the undisputed, undefeated and officially retired world champion Floyd “Money” Mayweather.

Roach recently engaged TMZ Sports and was very candid about his thoughts on how his own renowned world champ would handle the self-proclaimed “best ever” in the ring should they go at it again.

“I really think Manny can knock him out,” Roach told the entertainment outlet in the aftermath of Pacman’s victory over Keith Thurman this weekend. “[Floyd] would be a fight we’d want. I’d like to get that one back one more time. I know we can do much better. We had an injury in that fight, but regardless, we lost a close decision. I know Manny can do much better than that.”

Prior to their record-breaking super fight in 2015, Pacquiao’s camp disclosed a shoulder injury that they felt would impair him the night of the fight with Mayweather. However, the Philippines-bred slugger refused to pull out and reschedule for fear of another prolonged date with the pound-for-pound champ. The result was a unanimous decision in favor of Mayweather.

With Pacquiao, 40, looking dominant against Thurman, Roach is more than confident in his ability to outlast 42-year-old Mayweather. He also was not at all impressed with Mayweather’s most recent performances.

“Floyd’s last couple of fights against a kickboxer and whatever the other guy was [Conor McGregor] he wasn’t too impressive,” Roach told TMZ Sports. “I think it’s a good time to catch him right now.

“I do think it could happen, yes. Probably not ’til next year. But, the thing is, it is a big fight out there. And, again, a fresh Manny with no injuries, I love that fight.”

Mayweather must have caught wind of all the hoopla because late last night he took it upon himself to accuse Pacquiao of “clout chasing” due to their inseparable connection in the sport of boxing.


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I find it real ironic how every time Pacquiao’s name is brought up in the media, my name is always attached to it. This man’s entire legacy and career has been built off its association with my name and it’s about time you all stop using my brand for clout chasing and clickbait and let that man’s name hold weight of its own. For years, all you heard was that ” Floyd is afraid of Manny Pacquiao”. But what’s funny is, when we finally fought, I won so easily that everyone had to eat their words! All of the so called boxing experts, critics and jealous American “fan base” either went mute and ran for cover or made every excuse in the world as to why I should give Manny Pacquiao a rematch. My take on all this bull—- is that y’all are just upset that I broke Rocky Marciano’s record and hate the fact that a Black, high school dropout outsmarted you all by beating all odds and retiring undefeated while maintaining all my faculties simply by making smart choices and even smarter investments. Ultimately, I will always have the last laugh!

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To which Manny responded:


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Mayweather kept the war of words going with another incendiary post:

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