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Diddy, Lori Harvey and Justin Combs visit strip club together

Check out the quick clip that someone linside Magic City sent The Shade Room’s way:

Instagram users had a lot to say about the trio’s appearance at the famous Atlanta club.

One Instagram observer said: “This is so strange!!! 🤨,” while another pondered the trio together and said: “I’m starting to think she never dealt with Justin in that way… cause I REFUSE to believe she could really get down like that😩.”

Another, referring to Harvey, said “Sis really getting passed around 😂,” while a third person said: “Diddy ain’t even loyal to his own son😂”

A fifth person said: “Money will never buy values,” while two others provided this commentary:

“This love triangle thing got me so confused….🥴,” and “This Diddy and Lori Harvey situationship makes me feel soo uncomfortable for some reason 🤔.”

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